Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

Perfect for larger and e-commerce websites. Comes with PHP, MySQL, SSH and more.

Personal Cloud
15.95 USD/mo

  • Hosted Domains: 1
  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • CPU Cores: 2
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Email, DB, FTP etc.: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • -
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Professional Cloud
19.95 USD/mo

  • Hosted Domains: Unlimited
  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • CPU Cores: 4
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Email, DB, FTP etc.: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain
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Business Cloud
23.95 USD/mo

  • Hosted Domains: Unlimited
  • Disk Space: Unlimited
  • CPU Cores: 6
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • Email, DB, FTP etc.: Unlimited
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain
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Install a Shopping Cart, Photo Gallery, a Blog or any other module in just 1 click


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Included With Every Package

30 Days Money Back Guarantee
24/7/365 Support
Daily/Weekly/Monthly Backups
Free website migration
cPanel control panel

SSH PHP 7.0 - 7.3 MySQL 5 Python RoR GD cURL

CGI mcrypt Apache 2.2x Perl Ruby On Rails Zend Engine ionCube PHP Loader Zend Guard Loader

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Hosting?
Cloud hosting is the latest form of hosting that has become extremely popular over the past few years. The main concept of cloud hosting is 'Divide and Rule' – the resources required for maintaining your website are spread across a cluster of servers that work together, termed as 'the cloud'. This greatly reduces chances of any downtimes in case of a server malfunction.

What is the difference between Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting?
When a website is hosted on shared hosting, the website is placed on the same server as many other sites, ranging from a few to hundreds. Typically in this setup, all domains share resources, such as RAM and CPU from the same server. Cloud hosting, on the other hand, offers nearly unlimited ability to handle high traffic spikes. On Cloud, your website is hosted not only on one but on several servers connected to work as one. Your websites don’t depend on only one Server– even if one server is inaccessible, the Data is retrieved and processed by the other available servers with no downtime.

How Reliable is your Cloud Hosting?
Our cloud hosting offers high reliability. Cloud Sites automatically distributes three mirrored copies of your data across multiple devices to ensure safety and protection. The website is hosted on a virtual partition which draws its resources, such as disk space, from an extensive network of underlying physical servers.

What is the storage architecture used by your Cloud Hosting?
We use Ceph Storage, which gives 3N level of redundancy. In computing, Ceph is completely distributed without a single point of failure, scalable to the exabyte level, and freely available. Ceph replicates data and makes it fault-tolerant, requiring no specific hardware support. As a result of its design, the system is both self-healing and self-managing, aiming to minimize administration time and other costs.

What is the limit for additional CPU and RAM?
Upto 8 GB RAM and 8 cores can be added with any Cloud Hosting Plan.

Is Upgrade/Downgrade possible?
No, an upgrade or downgrade is not possible between the plans. However, you can purchase additional RAM and CPU cores as per your requirement.

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